La Salsa

Hailing from Puerto Rico, A1 is a bilingual rapper based out of Los Angeles, California.

After carving a name for himself alongside his group, “New Wave Gang” the Carolina native moved to New York in 2015 to pursue a Masters Degree in Syracuse University. It was here where he met Aaron P, who would become his friend, producer and DJ.

In the summer of 2016, A1 and Aaron P debuted their first production, A1 Brews and then their remastered version The Full Batch in 2017. After finishing their studies, the duo physically separated but continued to collaborate, A1 moved to California and AP eventually moved to the state of Georgia.

After recovering from a bacteria that kept him out of commission for several months, A1 released the Official Video for Gone in January 2018, the first single off of The Sauz, the second solo EP for the Caribbean MC. Debuting on March 31, 2018, The Sauz, has 7 tracks in Spanish and English. Como Si Na, is the second single of the album to have a music video, premiering on June 3rd of 2018 on YouTube.